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Why Use QuickBooks Desktop, not Online?

Function & Feature

QuickBooks Desktop has more accounting
functions which not available in the Online.


QuickBooks Online has some IT-related advantages compare to the Desktop.

Most of those features are available for

the Desktop as 3rd party solution.

Data Ownership

Data of QuickBooks Desktop is stored, owned and be responsible of user.


User don't have right and ownership of data in QuickBooks Online server.

It can't be copied or downloaded.

Unless continue the subscription,

the data will be lost.

Ownership Cost

Cost for QuickBooks Desktop (exclude Enterprise edition) is once.

Common practise, user will upgrade to latest edition after 2 or 3 years.


QuickBooks Online is charged monthly, 2nd year will be higher than 1st year.

After 1 year, cost for the Online will surpass the Desktop, and continues for good.

Select the QuickBooks to meet your business  

start Rp

start Rp

1.5 million/month*

5 million

start Rp

8 million

start Rp

18 million

*Installment for 12 months, includes 2-days local training for 1 Admin in Jakarta. You may purchase directly to Intuit through https://quickbooks.grsm.io/indonesia

7 Ideas you should need to know when considering QuickBooks Online

7 Ideas you should need to know when considering QuickBooks Desktop

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Terdapat 6 produk yang disediakan Transaction Pro yaitu TP Pro Importer untuk Desktop dan Online, TP Exporter untuk Desktop dan Online, dan TP Deleter untuk Desktop dan Online.


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On-demand or on-schedule training is available


QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) for who want to validate the knowledge


Customized implementation, start from software selection, system design, setup, until automation reporting


Help and support for questions or troubleshoot technical issues



We are here to provide the professional business management solution and technology consulting services your growing business needs. Having performed many client engagements across several industries, we have the knowledge and experience you can rely on in a business partner. Get help with implementing and optimizing the right solution for your business.


Currently we provide (i) On-Demand and (ii) On-Schedule training.




Intuit provides 2 (two) kinds of certification: (i) ProAdvisor, managed by Intuit; and (ii) QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU), managed by Certiport. ProAdvisor is highly required for an accountant to assist a US-based company using QuickBooks. If you as a mere user want to validate your QuickBooks knowledge, you should have a digital badging of QBCU. You could choose to take an individually exam for (i) QuickBooks Online – Global version, or (ii) QuickBooks Online – US version, or (iii) QuickBooks Desktop – US version.


As a reseller of Certiport in Indonesia, we provide 2 (two) kinds of voucher:


  1. Practice (cost Rp1.000.000/voucher)

    • Single access code to take up to 30 times of test during a one year period from your own computer using reliable internet access.

    • Score report is available

    • Register/login your account

    • Access code and all supporting information will be sent by email

  2. Exam (cost Rp5.000.000/voucher)

    • Must take at a Testing Center

    • Retake policy is unavailable. You have to purchase a new voucher

    • Register/login your account

    • FREE a Practice voucher

    • Voucher code and all supporting information will be sent by email




We have worked with many companies across industry with their QuickBooks software. Whether you are new to QuickBooks or upgrading your file, we can customize an implementation plan specifically for your business.


Software Selection

First, we will help to determine which version of QuickBooks (Desktop or Online) will best suit the needs of your business, the number of licenses required to support your staff needs, any 3rd party applications needed, and if any custom integration is needed. If you already have purchased the software from other source, we could still help you.


System Design

In order to get the most out of QuickBooks, it is crucial that your system is designed and set up properly from the beginning. By conducting a thorough needs analysis, we can generate a detailed system design that meets both your immediate and long-term goals. Our goal is to optimize your system to generate the KPIs, financial reports and management reports you need to make strategic business decisions.


File Setup and Internal Controls

During the file setup stage, we will configure QuickBooks either on your local network or in a secure cloud environment and set up user access. If you take our on-demand training, we could guide you from scratch to set up your file based on the implementation plan we developed for you, such as setting up a customized Chart of Accounts, Lists, Preferences / Settings, Forms, Taxes, Templates, Inventory, Memorize Reports, Fixed Assets, and more. If we are importing data from your previous accounting software, we could recommend you with a 3rd party software.


Third Party and Custom Applications

If during the planning stage we determine that you will need a 3rd party app, we will implement those after we get your base QuickBooks file setup. If you’re using QuickBooks Enterprise, this could be as straightforward as turning on and setting up Intuit’s Advanced Inventory or Reporting Add-On. We can also handle more complex situations that require a custom developed application or integration with external systems. These custom applications are owned by you and build off of Intuit’s API.


Reporting and Automation

Once we have got your QuickBooks file and any supporting apps & integrations set-up, we take it further by automating various data-entry tasks and generating reports. You should take our training class to let us show you how to generate reports, set-up automation, or build any custom report your need so that you get the most out of your QuickBooks data.


Private Cloud/Hosting

As your trusted adviser, our role is to recommend and implement the right solution for your specific requirements. You could subscribe directly to provider by your own credit card or pay upfront through us annually by bank transfer.



Whether your team are a veteran QuickBooks users or need more session after attending our training class, you might need us to resolve your problem. We could help you for any basic questions or troubleshoot certain technical issue without any cost. Unfortunately some issue might need a private session, especially when related to tax recording and/or reporting. Please contact us to analyze your needs.



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