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  • Is it allowed to buy QuickBooks Desktop, if not in the US or Canada?
    Yes for sure! We can still help to obtain the new license of QuickBooks Desktop 2024. If you don't need to use any add-ons (e.g QB Payroll, QB Payment), we have another option to consider. Contact us for details.
  • We use QuickBooks Desktop and users are working in different places. Is there any better way to share files than using the backup restore function?
    You should look for a 3rd party solution. We will recommend another solution if you need 2 or more users to work on the same file simultaneously over an internet connection.
  • We use QuickBooks Desktop and are not in the US, UK or Canada. How do we convert to QuickBooks Online?
    You may have 2 ways to convert your data: Utilize a migration tool Purchase our conversion service
  • We convert to QuickBooks Online from Desktop , but some data were not converted. What should we do?
    The built-in converter tool in QuickBooks Desktop has limitations for converting your data. You will have to manually import the remaining unconverted data or purchase our conversion service. We may convert your data including non-core transactions (e.g. estimates, purchase orders, custom fields, jobs, sales representatives, attachments).
  • We are canceling subscription of QuickBooks, but still need to keep data. Is there any solution for us?
    You can convert your QuickBooks Online data to the QuickBooks Desktop file format and use the trial version for QB Desktop to access it for good.
  • We are in Germany and need to file tax requirements in DATEV format. What solution is available for us?
    QuickBooks does not support DATEV and you can use Zoho Books as a workaround. You will have several options to consider: Switch QuickBooks to Zoho Books completely. We can help convert your data. Use QuickBooks and Zoho Books at the same time. If you use QuickBooks Online, you can use a connector to automatically mirror and duplicate your data to Zoho Books. Use Zoho Books only for tax reporting purposes. You can purchase our service to convert your data from QuickBooks annually.
  • Is your service available on weekends and holidays?
    If you need support for your QuickBooks Desktop files, we may consider assisting you during weekends and holidays for an extra fee.
  • Is Fiat Lux a trusted company?
    We are a member of QuickBooks Ambassadors and one of the two highest ranked QuickBooks Community elite contributors to date (Level 15). You will easily catch complaints from victims in the QuickBooks Community if you can find them. We are also listed as one of the elite partners in Transaction Pro and Katana Manufacturing ERP.


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